why we eloped

there is nothing in this world more sacred to me than my relationship with my husband, logan. i would categorize us both as relatively private individuals, but i wanted to share a small glimpse into our love story to illustrate why we chose to elope.

logan and i began dating when he was 16 and i was 14. from the start, we connected deeply, but i don't think either of us were entirely sure what those feelings meant or how to appreciate them at the time.

i can't and won't lie, though. our relationship suffered a lot of unjust blows the first few years. somehow, we always managed to rise above. i believe that those initial trials solidified the theme of our love, which is that it [our love] is entirely about us.

and when there was absolutely no one rooting for us, and trust me when i say there was no one, we were. that was all that mattered. to be honest, that is still the only thing that matters to us -- that we have one another.

this theme of us being the biggest fans of our love is one of the main reasons why we chose to elope. our love has always been about us. so, why include anyone else then?

sure, it may sound selfish to some, but we felt it was totally acceptable to be selfish. it was our day. we were celebrating our love.

to us, a wedding was not synonymous with extravagance nor inclusion. it was synonymous with intimacy and privacy. an elopement allowed those emblems of our love to be at the forefront of our day.

we married on a very snowy mountain in colorado all by ourselves. the presence of God was so strong in those woods, it felt like we could reach out and touch it. every second felt like a dream; one we never wanted to wake up from. and i know that if we could relive that day, we would over and over again until the end of time.

we have not a single regret about committing to spend the rest of our lives together the way that we did. our love has always been exclusive, unconventional, and wild -- why should our wedding day have been any different?