the most effortless bridal makeup look

given that i have been working in the bridal makeup industry for a little over two years now, you would think that crafting my own bridal look would have come easily to me. however, it did not. i absolutely love glamming up my beautiful bridal clients, but when it comes to my own face, i am such a minimalist. i was really torn because i felt like i needed to live up to the “glam persona” i created for myself, especially because i was getting married. in the end, i opted for a makeup look that enhanced my natural features, but allowed me to feel comfortable — the same core goals i have when working with my bridal clients.

i began my routine with lots of skin prep. we’re talking toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, eye cream — the whole nine. i was not fooling around in the cold, dry colorado climate. i wanted my makeup to look fresh and natural, which required me to pay very close attention to what my skin needed and ultimately that was tons of moisture.

i am honestly so skeptical about the efficacy of primers, but i felt it was necessary to use one due to how long i would be wearing the look. my go-to as of lately has been the e.l.f. jelly pop dew primer. it retails for around $10 and outcompetes all of the high-end primers i have in my collection. what i love most about it is how luminous it makes my skin appear. additionally, it has an incredibly tacky consistency, which is a characteristic i search for in a primer.

the toughest choice i had to make was what type of base product i wanted to use. because i was going for a fresh and natural look, i initially planned on using the new colourpop hyaluronic acid tinted moisturizer. i decided to swap that out for the dose of colors meet your hue foundation because, although i wanted to look natural, i needed more coverage to camouflage my eczema flare-up. i applied the foundation with a damp beauty sponge in an effort to make it look as skin-like as possible. it looked impeccable in person and even better in photographs.

concealer and powder were absolute no-brainers. these two categories have been set in stone for a while now because i actually have found products that consistently work for me in all conditions. my holy-grail concealers are the bare minerals bareskin complete coverage serum concealer and the fenty beauty pro filt’r instant retouch concealer. i used the bare minerals concealer to add more coverage to any imperfections i had because it matched my skin tone identically. the fenty concealer was used to highlight the center of my face and my jet-lag-induced under-eye bags. as mentioned in my “top five beauty items to splurge on this holiday” blog post, my staple powder has been the laura mercier translucent loose setting powder. i applied it so sparingly, only to the places i concealed, to avoid drying out my skin. i had very minimal creasing throughout the day and my skin looked dewy, not oily. that shit is magic.

because it was practically winter when we got married, i was not very tan. the bh cosmetics brilliance bronzer in the shade golden gal was the perfect shade for my paler complexion. it didn’t pull too warm or too cool and it added definition to my face without looking overdone.

probably my two favorite steps in my everyday beauty routine are blush and highlighter application. after testing it out for a few weeks, i choose to use the new patrick ta monochrome moment velvet blush in the shade she’s sincere. not only does this blush add a stunning flush of color to the cheeks, it also blurs the skin. for highlighter, i used my tried and true desi x katy highlighter in the shade fuego. the formula of the highlighter is incredibly versatile — you can achieve a blinding look with it or go for more of a lit from within vibe. i chose to go with the latter because i foresee blinding highlights becoming a thing of the past and i wanted my look to be timeless.

in addition to going for a fresh and natural look, i also wanted everything to be cohesive and blend seamlessly together. so, instead of doing an intricate eye look, i simply ran both my bronzer and blush through my crease, as well as added a light touch of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes and beneath my brows.

let’s talk about brows a little further. the day i landed in colorado, i had an appointment scheduled at the cutest beauty salon in louisville, boulder brows. emily, a brow expert and licensed esthetician, cleaned up my brows (tweezers, no wax) and tinted them. having my brows tinted was quite literally the smartest decision i made because it eliminated my least favorite step in my beauty routine. emily used a product on me called soap brows and i was so amazed by how fluffy and model-esque it made my brows look that i purchased it in-store. that was the only product i used on my wedding day! emily also tinted my eyelashes, which nicely complimented my darker brows and hair.

as much as i dislike waterproof mascara, i felt like i had to use it in the event i cried. i went with an affordable cult classic, l’oreal lash paradise. to be completely honest, i didn’t like how wet the formula was, but after working with it for a little bit, the result was beautiful. by the way, i did not cry at all, which means i could have gotten away with using my favorite regular mascara. better safe than sorry, though!

i will be a gloss girl until i die, therefore it was natural for me to sport a juicy lip on my wedding day. the gloss that never lets me down and that my husband always compliments me on is the fenty beauty gloss bomb in the shade fenty glow. it moisturized my lips, added a subtle amount of color, and stayed on for hours.

on a day as important as my wedding day, i had to use a setting spray for piece of mind. the only setting spray i use, trust, and would recommend is the morphe continuous setting mist. i love that it doesn’t have drying alcohol in it like a lot of other settings sprays and how it sets my makeup in place while simultaneously adding hydration. cue “the best of both worlds” by hannah montana.

and that concludes my bridal makeup look! i know that it may seem like a lot of products, but when applied strategically, the final outcome is both effortless and flawless. i could not have been happier about how my makeup looked and lasted on one of the most enchanting days of my life.